Activity, Week 3

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Part B:

To be honest, one of the main reasons why I chose the Unquiet Librarian, is because her blog was one of the few that seems to be continually updated. Maybe I have been looking in the wrong places, but some of the library blogs I found that interested me just weren't kept up. I have heard of the Unquiet Librarian before, specifically when I was looking for research on how to incorporate e-readers into K-12 schools. She had a successful Kindle program started a while back. In her "About Me" section, she describes her blog as a space where she "muses about all things related to life as a modern librarian." As such, her blog is heavily technology based, which is of particular interest to me because schools are integrating technology more and more every day. I think a library blog becomes successful if it is up to date and relevant. Like I said earlier, I passed over tons of blogs because they weren't updated. With how rapidly things change within librarianship, it doesn't make much sense to follow blogs that are already dated. It also doesn't hurt if a blog is witty and funny ;)


Weekly Entry, Week 3

The reading for this week is so fitting for this coming week for me. This Wednesday I am going to the FETC Conference in Orlando. I plan on going to lots of technology sessions that can be applicable to my middle school media center. Some of the sessions I hope to attend are: 15 Free or Almost Free Web Resources to Engage & Enhance Learning; A Technology Roadmap for Reading; and Using Web 2.0 to Enhance Learning of the Common Core Standards. Hopefully media specialists who attend these conferences can go back to their schools and successfully deliver new Web 2.0 applications. I see many roadblocks at my own school, mainly applications that are blocked by the county. As mentioned in Maness's article, Web 2.0 technologies and applications are changing the face of libraries while connecting more and more communities, libraries just need to stay abreast of those changes. Something that particularly struck me n this article was this... "Library 2.0 is not about searching, but finding; not about access, but sharing. Library 2.0 recognizes that human beings do not seek and utilize information as individuals, but as communities." It makes me think, why is my school blocked off from all other schools? Why are these students not communicating with one another outside of their usual domain? We have the tools, so let's use them. Despite this, my school is making strides towards some of those changes. We actually just signed up for this program called Vicarious Voyage. Students at my school will be able to interact with college students who are traveling across the world by ship through a blog. Each time the group goes to port, they are able to posts about their experiences on their blog and directly communicate with students at my school. I think it's a cool project, so we will see how it goes. I hope the kids take a real interest.

Maness, J. (2006). Web 2.0 and its implications for libraries. Webology, 3 (2). Retrieved from http://www.webology.org/2006/v3n2/a25.html


Activity, Week 2

Part A:

Social networking is when people of similar interests join together and communicate online. Interests and venues can range from photography on Flickr to weight loss sub-reddits on Reddit. These individuals come together to discuss and share. The types of social networks out there are really limitless; there is something for everyone.

I currently use Facebook, Pinterest, GoogleDocs, Pandora, Blogger, Flickr, and I occasionally "lurk" on Reddit.

For me, Facebook is primarily used for staying in touch with friends and family, and posting pictures from various trips I've been on. I log into Facebook daily on my iPad, iPhone, and my computer. I'm actually more connected to it than I'd like to be.

Pinterest is next, and I mainly use this to find DIY project ideas. I log in on my iPhone about every other day. This is my go to app when I have nothing else to do. I could be looking for crafty ideas for HOURS if I didn't keep myself in check.

GoogleDocs is something that I use daily for my TV production class. Each day our script is written on this just so all of my students can contribute from home. If they want to add something that they think is important, they can. I also use this for courses here at USF when I have group projects.

Pandora is also something I use almost everyday. I use it just to listen to music while I workout, drive, relax, whatever, as well as in my media center. I usually keep it on the Jazz station while at my media center to ensure nothing inappropriate comes on :/

Although I don't upload pictures to Flickr, I often use it for the Creative Commons. This is mainly for school or other projects. Sometimes I also use it to check out what places look like that I am going to visit. For instance, it has really come in handy when looking for good camping sites in State Parks just to get a better idea of what the area looks like.

Finally, Reddit is something that I occasionally browse. Again, like Flickr I don't contribute to the site, but it is interesting to look at the front page top stories.

Part B:

Weekly Entry - Week 2

First, I'd like to say that I am SUPER EXCITED about my tutorial topic. My topic is Pandora. I really wasn't aware of the social aspect of Pandora, but I am very interested in getting started on it so I can I can learn more about it.

The beginning of this course has served to provide some background and history of social media. I was particularly interested in the article, Why Americans Use Social Media (Smith, 2011). I found a lot of truths in this article, mainly the reasons why females use social media; to stay in touch with friends and family. You have no idea how many times I've said "I'm just gonna delete my Facebook account," but my connections with my friends and family always hold me back. For a lot of people I am friends with on Facebook, this is really my only form of communication with them. Perhaps that's why I'd like to get rid of it sometimes, because I know these are only surface relationships. But for some reason, I'm holding on to that little bit of communication.

Until next time...

Smith, A. (November 15, 2011). Why Americans use social media. Retrieved from http://www.pewinternet.org/Reports/2011/Why-Americans-Use-Social-Media/Main-report.aspx


First Post, LIS5937SMS13

This is not the first time I have created a blog. I started my first blog in the first semester of this program and added to it for various classes. I really have only done blogging through the MLIS program at USF. I always intend on getting more into it, but life always seems to get in the way. I read the occasional blog, and I am subscribed to some, but again, I don't check them often. I tend to like crafty or DIY blogs, but I more so stumble upon them versus searching them out. I really do like blogs, despite the lack of use. I like the freedom they provide to the author(s), as well as the customizable layout. I actually tried a few blog hosting sites including Wordpress, but I prefer Blogger because it seems to be a bit more user friendly.