Weekly Entry, Week 8

I like that this past week our readings focused on Social Media and the news. My original topic, "Does participation in social media impact political engagement?" sort of comes from this realm. I view politics and the news as sort of going hand in hand these days. Although, I am not researching this topic anymore, it's still interesting to me. I find truth in the article How Social Media Helps Journalists Break the News. While reading it, I thought to myself, "Wow, I really do get ALL of my news from the internet..." I occasionally watch local news on the TV, but for the most part I find out what is going on in my edge of the world and beyond through News websites (that are often partially fueled by social media) and social media applications in general. I see things like updated weather reports on my Facebook news feed, some of the latest crime, celebrity news, world news, etc. and it is usually from one of my friends posting. Basically, word of mouth ONLINE gets me my news, then I go a step further and look at the story myself. I hear about things almost instantaneously, which is great, but the downside of that is that I could get some bad information as well. Also, I may not get a well rounded series of stories. It's easy for me personally to get trapped in paying attention to celebrity news only LOL. That's one of my guilty tendencies, I suppose. I CARE ABOUT REAL NEWS TOO, but if I am able to search for what I want, I may sometimes shy away from real stories.

Delicious & Diigo

I haven't worked with Delicious in a while. I don't exactly love it, but it can be a good tool if that's what you're looking for. I was able to find some good articles through USF's Library Literature and Information Science Full Text database. I had some issues with the bookmarklet feature, so I just added my links the old fashioned way. My Delicious account can be found here.

I have never used Diigo, so this was a new experience for me. I think Diigo is a lot more user friendly than Delicious, and I was successfully able to add their tool to my Chrome toolbar. I used the same database and a few different articles. My Diigo account can be found here. I will probably be using this in the future.

I think both of these tools are more interactive versions of something like RefWorks. I can save my links and articles, but I can also see the links and articles of others too.

Brooks, R. (May 3, 2011). How social media helps journalists break news. Social Media Examiner. Retrieved from http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/how-social-media-helps-journalists-break-news

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