Weekly Entry, Week 7

Well, this week has been interesting, frustrating, meh... Lots of things have happened with my research proposal/project. I had an original partner, but that is no longer because I guess our topics just didn't mesh well. Now I have another partner, which I feel pretty good about. Hopefully a topic can be settled on sometime soon. I really want to get things rolling. Also, I changed my tutorial topic, because I just can't find any material on Pandora being a social media application. I guess Pandora had plans to take a social feature on, but they never got around to really implementing it. So, now my topic is GoodReads, which actually works out better for me. I actually decided upon this social media service after I wrote a short bit about it on Google+ for one of the last activities for this course. It just seems so much more applicable to this field than Pandora, and it will help at my media center with book recommendations by teaching me how to really use the application. SO MANY CHANGES WITH SO LITTLE TIME LEFT! Let's hope I survive it.

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  1. I've had a last minute change as well. We will make it through... right?! :)