Activity, Week 3

Part A: See Blackboard Discussion

Part B:

To be honest, one of the main reasons why I chose the Unquiet Librarian, is because her blog was one of the few that seems to be continually updated. Maybe I have been looking in the wrong places, but some of the library blogs I found that interested me just weren't kept up. I have heard of the Unquiet Librarian before, specifically when I was looking for research on how to incorporate e-readers into K-12 schools. She had a successful Kindle program started a while back. In her "About Me" section, she describes her blog as a space where she "muses about all things related to life as a modern librarian." As such, her blog is heavily technology based, which is of particular interest to me because schools are integrating technology more and more every day. I think a library blog becomes successful if it is up to date and relevant. Like I said earlier, I passed over tons of blogs because they weren't updated. With how rapidly things change within librarianship, it doesn't make much sense to follow blogs that are already dated. It also doesn't hurt if a blog is witty and funny ;)